Improving Your Golf Game’s Handicap

Chipping away at your handicap score is something that can take years of dedication and unrelenting practice. It’s hard work, but if you’re somebody fairly new to the game of golf, it doesn’t have to be so rough as long as you’re maximizing your efficiency and focusing on all aspects of the game. Here are some ways that you can lower that handicap score and improve your confidence at the same time.

Hit the range

The driving range is not only a good stress reliever or a place to increase your driving distance. You should be at the range every day that you’re not doing 18. Driving ranges refine your muscle memory, thereby increasing your accuracy when you’re on the fairway. Take this opportunity to really feel your rhythm out and pay attention to your balance.

Customize your clubs

Some people have issues playing with borrowed clubs, because long irons may not be giving you the right leverage for your height. Hybrid clubs are made to fit and don’t even cost much more than your average set of golf clubs. Talk to a golf club sales rep about getting some custom clubs made for you and see just how much it affects your swing’s power and accuracy.

Don’t forget about the importance of having the right weight and balance in your wedge game. Everyone has their preference that works for them and it can be difficult to find one you are comfortable with unless you get yours custom-fitted.

Perfect your form

While swinging with all your might at the tee seems like an accepted way of putting your ball in the best position on the fairway, you are actually losing accuracy by focusing all your energy into the power delivered to the ball. As you practice on the driving range, you should be running little drills in your head to see if you can land the ball where you want it at various distances. That kind of control can mean the difference between constantly rolling your drive into the edges of the rough and landing it perfectly down the middle, no matter what kind of distance you are capable of.

Track your handicap number

Remember, your handicap differential relates to your score and the source rating on a slope rating adjustment. You can use a golf handicap differential calculator to help figure this out. For more tips and beginners techniques, some of the best golf DVDs for beginners will tell you all about navigating the handicap index.